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Dental Career – Is It Right For You?

Everyone knows that job security is of utmost importance in this day and age, especially since advancements in technology have eliminated some long-standing career options.  When searching for employment, the goal is to find a job that will always be in demand. Choosing a career as a Dental Assistant fits into the category of occupational stability. It has become one of the top twenty-five percent most sought out jobs. Occupational ratings show that the Dental Assistant industry is one of the fastest growing careers in the United States. People who become employed in this line of work find that a career as a Dental Assistant comes with many advantages, such as, good earning potential, access to optimal healthcare benefit packages, flexibility in work schedule, and an acquisition of a varied assortment of transferrable skills.


Oftentimes, Dentists will employ more than one dental assistant for a private practice or clinic setting. This is an ideal occupation for individuals who are looking to find a career that offers a highly-competitive wage without having to spend years of schooling or training to achieve that level of salary. Additionally, the Dental Assistant industry provides the opportunity for learning a wide array of transferrable skills, such as, learning how to manage and operate an office, communicating and interacting with patients on a professional level, becoming educated on dental hygiene care, and obtaining knowledge about the application and maintenance of dental tools and equipment. Dental Assistants with children have expressed satisfaction with the option of either working full or part-time.

The Dental Assistant School of Temecula program offers students the opportunity to become trained with an internship in an operational dental office during their education.  It is no wonder that this profession is on the rise, the pay is great, and the hours are flexible. Plus, this is a great opportunity for people who are seeking a career in a professional setting.  Dentists highly value their Dental Assistants because they are the first ones who become acquainted with the patients. Because of this, Dentists know that the first impression is what lingers in their patients’ minds, and a good impression can lead to a patient who will more than likely become a long-term patient. These are a few of the advantages that this exciting field has to offer. Choosing a career as a Dental Assistant makes a lot of sense. Find out what makes our training program stand out among the rest. A majority of the students who are in our program have become employed before graduating.

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Dr. K. Pat Brown